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Rocna galvanised anchors are a multipurpose anchor to suit all ocean floor environments. The well-designed features of the weighted chisel tip, roll bar, and large concave blade make this a great anchor for maximising self launches & minimising movement once set in the ocean floor.

  • NZ Designed
  • Galvanised steel
  • instant set, self-launching, wind & ride shift resistant
  • No dragging required to set
  • Resistant to wind and tide changes
  • Correct angle set with roll bar and weighted chisel tip
  • High tensile steel shank enables Self-launching
  • Large concave blade area to provide maximum holding power
  • Range 4kg-55kg+
  • Boat 4m-26m length (and weighing up to 60 tonnes)

Dedicated attachment points for:

  • Buoyed retrieval line
  • Tandem anchor
  • Securing to bow
Anchor Size (lb) Anchor Size (kg) Sugg. Boat Size (m)
9lb 4kg 4-6
13lb 6kg 5-8
22lb 10kg 7-11
33lb 15kg 8-12
44lb 20kg 9-14
55lb 25kg 10-16
73lb 25kg 11-20
88lb 33kg 14-22
121lb 40kg 16-26


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6kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 33kg, 40kg, 55kg

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