Topargee Water Tank Gauge Flush Mount


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Ever wondered, “Have you got enough water to stay another one or two days”.

When free camping, we all know the importance of keeping track of exactly how much water is left in your tanks.
Our new H2F-FM Water Tank Gauge now features a larger backlit screen that actually shows the number of litres remaining in your tank, rather than the traditional full/half/empty display.
This makes it easy to know your average daily water usage and to help plan your next adventure.
The good news is the sender is fitted in the hose line and there is nothing fitted to the tank.
Breakthrough Design for the RV and Marine Industries

  • Takes all the guess work out of your water supply.
  • Displays number of litres left in your water tank.
  • Counts down litre by litre from a preset amount.
  • Stop wasting fuel by filling up unnecessarily.
  • Know how much is used for washing, showers etc.
  • Know your daily water usage in litres
  • Essential for bush/ free camping.
  • Fitted in water line, nothing is fitted to water tanks.
  • One unit can be used for any number or size tanks.
  • Displays in gallons or litres.
  • It can be used in conjunction with your current system to accurately know your capacity and usage.
    N.B. Does not include hose connectors.
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